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 1st Itinerary Larsa (Tell Senkereh) – Kutalla (Tell Sifr) – Tell Awayli – Uruk (Warka, Muthanna) Apart from Uruk (Warka), which is itself in the province of Muthanna – see below for more details –, the touristic characteristics and possibility of development of the sites in this itin[...]

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Diary of Abu Tbeirah excavation

 Tell Abu Tbeirah – Dhi Qar – Iraq V excavation campaign – September/November 2015 Day 15/10/2015 Time: 4:30 AM Tasks: Site: Licia Romano, Franco D’Agostino, Desiré Bragalone, Stefano Caruso, Ludovica Bertolini, Maddalena Diaco, Salvatore Milli, Dr. Qais Hussein Rasheed, Dr. Abdulamir [...]