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Ali al-Shayal is a very good friend of us. He is a film maker and the director of the Nasiriyah office of the al-Fayhaa TV Channel.

Today he invited us to have lunch with him and his team in the office in the center of the city. We enjoyed an excellent food and a wonderful company.

Al-Fayhaa channel, which has his center in the city of Sulemaniyeh (Northern Iraq), has many offices abroad, from Canada to Australia, to London. The office of Nasiriyah covers the information on three provinces: beyond Dhi-Qar, also Maysan and Wasit.

One of the things that were for us interesting was the presence inside the office of a huge archive of footage covering the history of the city in the last 10 years!

It would be really interesting if Ali could make a film describing the history of the city in these ten complicated years where the rebirth of this city can be witnessed.

Ali al-Shayal è un nostro caro amico. È un regista e direttore dell’ufficio di Nasiriya del canale TV al-Fayhaa.

Oggi ci ha invitato a pranzare con lui e il suo team nell’ufficio nel centro di Nasiriyah. Abbiamo mangiato benissimo e goduto di una meravigliosa compagnia.

Al-Fayhaa Channel, che ha il suo centro direttivo nella città di Sulemaniyeh (Northern Iraq), ha molte sedi all’estero, dal Canada all’Australia, a Londra. L’ufficio di Nasiriyah copre le informazioni di tre province: oltre al Dhi-Qar, anche Maysan e Wasit.








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